Full Moon Drive-In Cinema

Rich in the distilled romance of one of cinema’s fondest bygone eras, the legendary Full Moon Drive-In offers guests an eccentrically sentimental amalgamation of ground-breaking film-making and nostalgic enchantment. Throughout summer we’ll be inviting you to join us at some of the country’s most enchanting  venues for series of truly original pop-up drive-ins.

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A talk with Gugi van der Velden

On a sunny afternoon I met up with Dutch director Gugi van der Velden in Amsterdam. We found a cafe right in the sun –it wasn’t supposed to be that hot that day-, we sat us down and we chatted and chatted. He told me the wonderful story of taking the risk to quit his then time job to go study at the Film Academy in New York City. Currently he is a much-appreciated upcoming talent in his country, the Netherlands. Now that’s a story with passion we would definitely like to know more about.

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Fusion x64 TIFF File

A talk with Joost Jordens

Joost Jordens is an animation student at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) in the Netherlands. Short & Sweet Cape Town stumbled upon his just released movie ‘Hout’. The movie is made by second year students and took them five months. It was a total coincidence that S&S Cape Town found this brilliant Dutch movie. Of course, this had to be screened at Short & Sweet Amsterdam.
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Short&Sweet launches…the Music Video Award project.

Short & Sweet is proud to announce the inaugural Short & Sweet Music Video Awards! This hugely exciting event is the very first awards show celebrating South African film making talent in the music video category to take place on our shores. Music Videos have long been the vanguard keeping creativity alive within the film industry – both by creating opportunities for young talent and in pushing the boundaries of established and recognised directors. It is thus a long overdue pleasure to give credit to the filmmakers and creative masterminds behind the lens in this dynamic and highly artistic field…
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marcia 1

… & Marcia Alves on vocals

As we head into the 4th Season’s finale we reminisce on all the amazing artistes that have joined us throughout the past 5 week showcase. From filmmakers to musicians, visual artists to illustrators, it really has been a spectacular showcase of all the talent this town has to offer & now, for the final instalment of the Sweet&Sound experiment, we round off with the incredibly talented vocalist…Marcia Alves.

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