Confessions of a popcorn seller

Everybody loves popcorn. Every Tuesday night I find myself performing the small task of filling the stomachs of the Short & Sweet audience with delicious, warm popcorn. This tiny contribution has exposed me to the art of short films that has set a passion alight for the power they possess. It is also responsible for my chronic popcorn addiction.

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This screening comes Of Good Report | A talk Jahmil Qubeka

Director Jamil X.T. Qubeka does something vapidly unfamiliar in Of Good Report. The film plays with your mind, not in a naive innocent way but you are placed in an unfolding crime scene you tangibly feel part of as a witness… After the film being banned at the Durban International Film Festival, one is left to question “is there such an audience to appreciate something so morally testing?” After the success of a Cape Town premiere, we present: a Full Moon Drive-In Cinema to showcase & honour the impactful, evocative melodrama.

In the spirit of storytelling we had a chat with the fascinating director, step into the mind of Jahmil Qubeka…

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A talk with Collective Objective

Short & Sweet- we seeking to further develop our concept encompassing more that just film and embracing art in every form. Introducing Sweet & Sound, the inception of our Saturday matinee. Encompassing the original format of the film evenings, Sweet & Sound aims to further enrich this eclectic experience through the featured acoustic performances of two prominent local bands every Saturday afternoon.

Bring a friend and experience something really unique through collaborating, creating and initiating. We had a chat with Collective Objective who will carry our shared audience with there sound this Saturday September 21…

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