The Short&Sweet Movement

“The arts of cinema and magic have a lot in common – you’re inviting ordinary people  to step through a door that leads to the extraordinary – which leaves the real world  looking different long after the lights have gone up.” – Jenna Cato Bass

Encouraging the artist within by sharing a medium that educates, inspires and empowers. Providing a global platform that exhibits and promotes short films and the talent behind them, taking cinema out of the theatre and into the city constantly redefining the cinema experience.

Julia Stephenson, Founding Director and Curator, started the Short&Sweet movement in London in 2006 and now has hubs in 8 cities world wide and continues to grow.

But what is a Short Film? 

“Since arriving back in South Africa, I often get asked ‘So, What exactly is a short film.’  I always struggle to answer this question, because it’s a medium that needs to be experienced in order to be understood.

Short film combines all kinds of media making it the most creative art form out there. There is a fine art to a well crafted short film, which makes this medium a must for young filmmakers: short film allows directors to experiment with techniques, gain confidence, and get recognised. It is a great training ground for feature films. What I love about short films is that unlike a feature film there’s no room for distractions. Good short film scripts are lean, focused and visually stimulating. Short films, when done well, have an incredible ability to connect with our emotions. Sometimes we like the feeling, sometimes we don’t – but connecting with a film that has been made from someone living on the opposite side of the universe, proves that we are all one.

Julia Stephenson

Art is universal, stories need to be told, Short film is the medium of the future!”

“No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.”  – Ingmar Bergman

The Short&Sweet head office is based in Cape Town, South Africa.
All year round Short&Sweet hosts short film screenings and cinematic experiences throughout the country: Short&Sweet Seasons / Indoor Experiential / Open-Air Screenings /Drive-In Cinema Experiences / Rooftops Screenings / Silent Cinema (wireless headphones) / Kids’ Cinema / Rural and Township Screenings / Corporate Screenings / Team Building Functions.

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