Cape Town really is just a one horse town.

There’s no shortage of outstandingly talented illustrators, designers and musicians in this city and keeping true to our vision, the Short&Sweet team is always looking for new ways to expose and celebrate local innovators. Our annual Short Film Cinema Season provides the ideal platform for the exhibition of both established and undiscovered professionals alike and we’re delighted to announce that this year we’ll be teaming up with One Horse Town to exhibit a series of their magically vivid Psych Night posters. We caught up with creative wunderkind Simon Berndt to learn more about his influences, background and just how he got so involved in the revival of the local Psychedelic rock movement.

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A talk with Chris Greybe | S&S Film Workshop facilitator

Have you heard of the second series of Short & Sweet Film Workshops? The’re hosted by Chris Greybe – & will run for 6 weeks. Every week a different topic will be explored. Chris Greybe has spent the last 11 years in London working in the TV, Film and advertising industries, he has written, produced and directed a number of short films & is signed to Upstairs Post. Flash-forward the opening class, we had a chat with Chris about Joseph Campbell, the importance of myth & luck of the Irish…

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Short & Sweet: ‘Sweet Shorts’ Competition [s]

Short & Sweet is home to the artist. It is a shelter to the daydreamer. In an age where the pace of living runs away with your time, finding a space like this to celebrate art is essential for the soul.

Our shows would be screened to ghosts without you, who makes the audience. Before we dim the lights & gather the perfect company, we’d like to present some offerings…

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We’re screening Unearthed at the opening night of our film club

Following four years of original and bespoke screenings hosted in unconventional venues across the country, Short & Sweet is proud to announce the launch of the Short&Sweet Cinema Club.

This innovative concept will see us welcoming guests weekly to Cape Town’s newest and most comfortable cinema nestled right in the heart of Cape Town at the Inner City Ideas Cartel – 71 Waterkant Street (cnr Bree Str). Members are invited to enjoy daily screenings of only the world’s most exceptional films.

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Keeping things Short&Sweet this September.

With Spring on the horizon we’re growing restless with anticipation as we look to launch some of our most exciting new projects in September. So if you’d like to be kept in the loop then be sure to save the dates below and follow us on both Facebook & Twitter.

Short & Sweet, Season 4 – Premieres on Tuesday September 23rd

Following three hugely successful seasons, South Africa’s original short film experience, in proud association with Hendrick’s Gin, is set to dim the lights and fondle your popcorn once more during its long-awaited return to the Cape Culture Calendar…

Dedicated to the exhibition of short film as a critical art form, Short & Sweet will showcase a hand selected bouquet of 8 short films, animations and music videos each week in the eclectically traditional ambiance of the city’s most enchanting Old World Theatre.



Season 4 will feature flamboyant food trucks (new menus every week), art exhibitions, jaw-splitting installations, multiple screens, video mapping, 48 groundbreaking films and
a proliferation of potent potions, courtesy of Hendrick’s Gin South Africa

Sound Station Studios have come on board this year to facilitate their truly original new concept showcasing some of the city’s most talented musicians. Every week we’ll be featuring and recording  a different instrumentalist before releasing a unified ‘soundscape’ including all 6 sounds at the end of our 4th season. This is an audio-experiment that’ll surely blow your mind!

Check out the event page on Facebook and buy your tickets to any of the 6 episodes by clicking here.


Short & Sweet Cinema Club – opening night on September 11th

Following four years of original and bespoke screenings hosted in unconventional venues across the country, Short & Sweet is proud to announce the launch of the Short&Sweet Cinema Club.

This innovative concept will see us welcoming guests weekly to Cape Town’s newest and most comfortable cinema nestled right  in the heart of Cape Town at the Inner City Ideas Cartel  - 71 Waterkant Street (cnr Bree Str). Members are invited to enjoy daily screenings of only the world’s most exceptional films. Expect fresh new content served throughout the year, including:

  • A short film programme between 12 and 2pm daily
  • Wednesday nights: Adventure Sports screenings
  • Thursday nights: Documentaries
  • Friday nights: Art house and Independent films


Join us for the opening night on September 11th, when we’ll be proudly screening Jolynn Minnaar’s multiple award winning  documentary Unearthed -

an independent South African feature documentary investigating fracking in the United States – the technology’s place of origin – in order to understand what this new method of gas extraction could mean for the semi-arid Karoo and other countries that are considering its implementation.

Get your tickets here.

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Short & Sweet presents a series of Short Courses: Story Theory in Post Production

(weekly from September 10th onward)

Keen on ‘up-skilling’ in your spare time? Eager to learn professional editing techniques? If so, then sign up and join us for a six part study of narrative structure and how it is applied to modern post production techniques. Each 2 hour session, presented by local guru Chris Greybe, covers a different aspect of industry leading editing protocols and techniques.

Book your spot to any one OR all of the six sessions here.


Your own Private Cinema for a day.

We’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to partner with schools, companies & innovative people keen on hosting their own screenings in interesting and unconventional spaces. After all, we’ve got the content, equipment & know-how…all we need next is your bright idea!

If you’ve given it some thought and already have a screening venue in mind or if you’re still looking for an original activity to get your colleagues out of the office for the annual end-of-year function,  please get in touch with us and we’ll suggest a range of options that suite your budget.

You can get in touch by mailing us directly or sending us an online query via our website.