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… & Marcia Alves on vocals

As we head into the 4th Season’s finale we reminisce on all the amazing artistes that have joined us throughout the past 5 week showcase. From filmmakers to musicians, visual artists to illustrators, it really has been a spectacular showcase of all the talent this town has to offer & now, for the final instalment of the Sweet&Sound experiment, we round off with the incredibly talented vocalist…Marcia Alves.

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A talk with Dave Meinert

Dave Meinert focuses on performance and character-based work across all visual narrative media. His award-winning international work for clients including Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Nando’s and Proctor & Gamble, music videos, documentaries and personal work has made him a regular feature on Vimeo Staff Picks, Huffington Post, BestAdsOnTV, FastCompany, Shock Mansion and several others. He is known for his ability to make work go viral. Rather than talk about understanding the future of content, Dave is one of the filmmakers out there creating it. We’re honoured to screen such prominent film-making & had a chat with the accomplished director…

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…& Dorette Roos on Cello

Ladies & gentlemen, meet the classically trained & classically gorgeous local Cellist, Dorette Roost, the third artist to feature in this year’s Sweet&Sound Experiment.

Our weekly audio adventure, conceived & curated by Sound Station Studios, is nothing if not original considering how it showcases musicians from such disparate disciplines. First up we had Naresh Chauhan on Sitar, who shared the philosophies and intricacies of Indian music culture. The next episode introduced digital demigod Nikolai Athiros on keys, whose musical background is rich with late night gigs, underground bands and explosive live venue performances. This next instalment is yet another departure form ‘the norm’ given that Dorette’s musical background us uniquely classical with a wealth of experience and training garnered from the purest of musical heritage…symphonies, operas and orchestras.

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