Welcome to Short&Sweet!  We curate, distribute, exhibit and promote short film and the talent behind it.

In a digital age, the Internet is the highway making it possible to access words, sounds, images and ideas. The medium is the message and our business is transformation.

Short&Sweet has done the hard yards. Short&Sweet has witnessed the power of the medium, screening short films across cultures and borders. With over 10 years experience curating short film events in 21 cities and with established Short&Sweet hubs in 6 cities, Short&Sweet now seeks to connect digital storytelling to a much wider audience.  According to the founder, Julia Stephenson, the short film medium has the power to ‘liberate, educate, connect and delight’. The record shows that the Short&Sweet model can impact the sort of people we are and help shape our future. By creating immersive experiences, Short&Sweet allows audiences to become active participants rather than passive spectators.

Short&Sweet is tailored to produce niche products designed to meet the needs of individual and corporate consumers. The Short&Sweet platform is life-giving and paves the way for dynamic new relationships.  A key element is the curatorial and consulting work that Short&Sweet carries out for producers, film festivals, local and international institutions and private companies. We also work as a non-exclusive filmmakers agency, connecting clients with filmmakers to suit the brief and budget and curate content (short and long films) for malls, festivals and events.

Short&Sweet brings convergence and unity into a world of diversity. By breaking down barriers and stretching the imagination, the short film medium allows for rapid real time analysis and response about the way human beings interact and behave.

Wherever you are in the world, Short&Sweet can CONNECT with you. 

Short&Sweet has an impressive global database and digital archive of the finest short films – live action, animation and music videos – and their makers waiting for you to unlock.

Join now! You will not be disappointed.


  • Fostering community: We are committed to using the global Short&Sweet platform to expose the very best in filmmaking talent by curating short films that leave audiences awestruck and hungry to develop their own creativity and power.
  • Supporting short filmmakers: We uncover the best in short filmmaking talent and help build careers by providing video production opportunities (Short&Sweet CONNECT), distributing curated short film content to venues, events and festivals as well as hosting our own bespoke short film nights around the world.
  • Acting sustainably: We believe stewardship of the earth is everyone’s responsibility. We strive to steadily reduce our environmental impact, both as a company and as individuals. See Solar Cinema
  • Advancing the Arts: We believe in fostering the creative spark in ourselves and others.
  • Doing good: Short&Sweet is a purpose-driven company. We value social good as part of the bottom line, and partner with companies who share our values.
  • Raising awareness: Many of the great challenges facing us today can be overcome or solved through education. We commit to using the Short&Sweet platform to educate, inspire and empower audiences around the world.


Short&Sweet hosts events all year round and we’re always looking for volunteers or students who want to gain valuable work experience, and meet industry players. Remember relationships are key to the development and success of your film career. The bigger your network, the greater your chance. Contact us to work at Short&Sweet nights or to apply for a 6 month internship. E-mail: info@shortandsweet.tv


Get in touch, say hi and find out how: info@shortandsweet.tv

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