• Fostering Community:​ ​We are committed to using the global Short&Sweet platform to expose the very best in filmmaking talent by curating short films that leave audiences awestruck and hungry to develop their own creativity and power.
  • Supporting Short Filmmakers: We uncover the best in short filmmaking talent and help build careers, by providing video production opportunities (Short&Sweet CONNECT), distributing curated short film content to venues, events and festivals as well as hosting our own bespoke short film nights around the world.
  • Acting Sustainably. We believe stewardship of the earth is everyone’s responsibility. We strive to steadily reduce our environmental impact, both as a company and as individuals. See ​Solar Cinema
  • Advancing the Arts. We believe in fostering the creative spark in ourselves and others.
  • Doing Good. Short&Sweet is a purpose-driven company. We value social good as part of the bottom line, and partner with companies who share our values.
  • Raising Awareness. Many of the great challenges facing us today, can be improved or solved through education. We commit to using the Short&Sweet platform to educate, inspire and empower audiences around th world.