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Connecting Content Needers with Content Makers in this fast changing industry


Short&Sweet has over 10 years experience curating content for audiences around the world. We are a dedicated platform for the exhibition and promotion of short film and the talent behind them.

Short&Sweet CONNECT is our innovative approach to the fast changing industry, encouraging brands to make creative content that talks with people not at them, by connecting them with the right filmmaker for their brief.

We live in a digital age: people don’t read like they used to but they still love the movies. We find the worlds most innovative, creative short films. The S&S CONNECT platform allows you the opportunity to use our expertise to connect the dots and get the very best video content you need.

Short&Sweet’s vision is to consistently inspire people with the short film medium, expose undiscovered film-making talent, provoke thought and ultimately celebrate film. We are dedicated to the exhibition of short film as a critical art form in its own right. 


Let us put you in touch with a filmmaker who will make timeless video content.

When you connect talented creators with brands who are willing to trust them to tell their stories, incredible videos are produced.

ARTIST Membership

This membership is for filmmakers, cinematographers, film editors and animators only.
This membership means that you become part of the global SNS connect portal, which will allow us the opportunity to put you forward for a jobs.

Guaranteed one screening of your short film in Cape Town, Kenya and Barcelona within 1 year.
Automatic membership to the short film cafe.
Free membership to any short&sweet short film nights.


This membership is open to anyone who needs video content made.
This membership entitles you to make use of our connections whether you are looking for information.
Yearly subscription fee.


Is a live platform for short film briefs – an opportunity for creative collaboration between brands, musicians, festivals and filmmakers.
Online short film / video content is shaping the future of filmmaking.

The Brief Space is similar to a film competition in that it allows all content creators (only S&S Artist members may apply) to pitch for the job. This might be submitting an already-made-film or sending a treatment.
This platform allows us to connect the dots so that creative video art can be realised on any budget. Creating more opportunity for undiscovered talent.

  • Step 1 – Sign-up at S&S Connect and complete your individual creator profile
  • Step 2 – Add all details about Video project.
  • Step 3 – Step 4 – Create Sponsors Pitch for sponsors which S&S will
  • Step 5 – Browse Sponsors profile and Pitch your project
  • Step 6 – If Sponsors accept your pitch request then start discussion and take it to the next level.

BECOME a MEMBER to make use of our services.

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